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Por favor, mantÚngase alejado de las puertas
(You are amazing if you know where this comes from)

All the brushes I use for gimp is in my "Gimp things" favorites folder. So I give credit to all those <3 Also the super sexy Cerulean draw up there is by TsukiTheHegehog



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To do list:

|For others| (Note I tend to do these in whatever order I feel like heheh)

Art trade with Mitnok: of and

Request for Yukinekocat

Chibi or icon of

Wiggle icon for SkreeDecree

Contest prize for SandraZL

Nutella Waffle Sandwich dog pixel icon for xWhiteDreamsx

|Personal things|

Make youtube intro

Garret ref sheet ( REALLY NEED TO DO THIS ONE)

Derrick ref sheet

Kenna ref sheet

Re-draw Dorthy's ref

Figure out what I'm doing with my adopts xD

Napoleon ref

|Things I'm waiting for|

Linked Shadphrey icons from FalseBritish -paid for-
Linked Shadphrey journal dolls from magdaIine
Shadphrey chibis from Azuremon -paid for-
Shadphrey draw from AppleEevee
Tober draw from AppleEevee

Points I need to set aside for these: 20 :points:

Awesome page palette found on color lovers <3…

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

|Jeerochai|An age|Wemens|Hetero|Single, too busy shipping Shadphrey|

My name is Jirachi! I'm currently on an OC binge, which means I'll probably be only drawing and uploading my OCs (They don't belong to any fandoms, so be warned XD)
I have a ginormous crush on N, too! <33 I'm proudly a mouse artist, I've never used a tablet xD If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I will gladly answer them!~

I'm extremely shy in real life, I think I have some social anxiety (Ordering food at restaurants, and even talking to family that I'm not around on a weekly basis even, is very hard for me. I can't even look people in the eyes when I talk to them anymore ouo; ) On here I'm really talkative and I love making friends so please don't be afraid to talk :'D I get lonely really easily, and I'm really sarcastic when I want to be. I love to laugh, and make others laugh and smile >w< Once we're friends I can guarantee I'll be your friend until the end~ I stay awake almost all night a lot of the time (I'm homeschooled so I'm able to do this hue). I'm a pretty easy person to get along with, and I will not judge you based on anything before I know you, so don't worry about that :3

My style is in a transitional stage right now, I'm experimenting with a lot of different things and I've also noticed that my style seems to be changing around a lot. So yeah. I'm trying to keep it consistent, but sorry if some pictures look worse than others.

One other thing I would like to say is: I am not my OCs and my OCs are not me. Just because they do something (I.E: Humphrey being a drug addict/stoner) doesn't mean that I myself would do that, nor do I always approve of what they do. Just a note.

Also, please don't thank me for the fave. I'd much rather have a Llama instead ;p

Le icons of le buddies
Sexii icons made by chibfox

My Peoples


(Only ordered in the order I've met you all <3)

Le awesome arteests


My other accounts across the interbutts

Jirachi-Adopties is my adopts account
Jirachis-doodles on Colors 3D
TheJirachi449 on youtube
Jeerochai on livestream

Latest video

:heart:My Bambinos:heart:

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